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Injection into the brain with a hair-size needle

In diseases affecting certain parts of the brain, a new system has been developed to inject drugs directly into the relevant part. Thanks to the drugs that can be injected into the relevant part of the brain with a needle the size of a hair, intervention can be made to the parts that directly concern the disease. It is a big plus that it does not affect other parts of the brain and the amount of medication that patients take is low.
In studies on mice, it has been seen that in diseases involving certain parts of the brain, such as Parkinson's, the disease can be directly intervened without affecting the rest of the body. This needle, which is 30 micrometers wide and 10 centimeters long, contains tubes that can carry drugs deep into the brain. Because the parts used are extremely sensitive, it becomes possible for doctors to provide maximum control on issues such as placing the needle and adjusting its depth, determining the amount of medical material to be injected. Studies are continuing to develop this method, which can be used in the treatment of many diseases in the future.