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LÖSEV, Health and Education Center for Children with Leukemia was established at 1998. “Those were the first days when we admitted children with leukemia to SSK Ankara Children's Hospital for treatment...  Children with leukemia, who are hospitalized in SSK Ankara Hospital, requested television for their rooms from the hospital management, and the hospital management gave a negative answer. We, the doctors, nurses and staff at the hospital, collected money among ourselves and bought televisions for those children. In that days, it was a big problem for us to meet a child's travel or school needs. But as the days passed, we grew stronger,  have developed projects and enlarged our targets. We have worked honestly with our all energy to meet all the needs of our children.
We implemented; Turkey's first and only Hospital for Children with Leukemia in 2000, the School for Children with Leukemia in 2008 (Children with Leukemia and also their siblings can receive free college education there) and the Village for Children with Leukemia in 2010. In the village, the families who came outside from Ankara can stay free for long or short-term accommodation during their treatment. During this time, we raised awareness not only for Children with Leukemia and Cancer Patients but also raised awareness of the whole of Turkey on leukemia, cancer and ways to prevent it and also continued to create radical solutions and provide social and permanent services.  
In 2015 we established a multidisciplinary hospital “LÖSANTE”, Europe's and Turkey’s first most equipped City for Children with Leukemia.
Today, we are a huge family with hundreds of employees, tens of thousands of patients and their families and more than 5 million volunteers...
LÖSEV Board of Directors and Board of Trustees Members are not entitled to any wages, allowances, travel, etc.