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Destroying Cancer Cells Through Energy Sources

If the cancer is in only one organ, it is usually successfully treated. However, if it has spread and spread to different organs in the patient's body, this becomes a difficult task.
Immunotherapy is effective in the treatment of the disease in the metastatic stage, but it can still be applied to a limited number of patients. Researchers have identified an enzyme that promotes survival and destroys metastatic cells in mice with cancer.
Researchers have uncovered a synthetic compound that will enter metastatic cells and subsequently the mitochondria. Once the compound enters the mitochondria, it cuts off the cell's energy supply. The cell whose energy source is cut off cannot develop and reproduce. Thus, tumors do not have the opportunity to develop and spread. The team, who carried out this study on mice, also stated that the energy sources of healthy cells were not affected in any way.
They also stated that this method, which allows the treatment to directly destroy cancer cells by cutting off the energy sources of cancer cells, will be developed and the cancer treatment will progress more easily in the coming days and will affect the patients less as it will have less side effects.