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For 25 Years, the Struggle Continues at LÖSEV

For 25 Years, the Struggle Continues at LÖSEV

For a full 25 years, our relentless struggle persists.
Against time...
A battle against small problems that seem insignificant from the outside but are monumental for those living them.
Here, every day brings a new challenge.
A struggle where the only possibility is to emerge victorious.
Responsibilities that cannot be measured in units of weight.
Our battle takes place within the confines of a tiny cell but has the power to change worlds.
Sometimes with a brick, sometimes with a message...
A battle where we always emerge as the winners.
A 25-year-long fight.
LÖSEV is 25 years old! With love, kindness, and hope.

In 1998, Pediatric Hematologist & Oncologist Dr. Üstün Ezer, while treating children with leukemia at a state hospital in Ankara, could not ignore their needs. Sometimes, it was a television, sometimes a chair for their mothers. The foundation of LÖSEV was laid there, witnessing the struggle against poverty and deprivation.

Established on November 8, 1998, the foundation opened Turkey's first and only Children with Leukemia’s Hospital, LÖSANTE, in 2000. Providing free diagnosis and treatment, the foundation extended its efforts, establishing the Children with Leukemia’s School in 2008 for free education and the Children with Leukemia’s Village in 2010 for patients coming from out of town. The Children with Leukemia’s City and multidisciplinary hospital Lösante, constructed with the "Can You Put a Brick Too" campaign, started operating in 2015, thanks to brick donations from the Turkish public.

Behind all these projects was a strong 'belief' and 'struggle'... While educating the public that leukemia is a treatable disease, emphasis was placed on the financial burden of expensive treatment methods on the families of patients. Solutions were developed not just for one child but for hundreds of thousands of children. As enduring works were brought to life for years,
Every healed child and every smiling mother became the result of our collective effort.

In the next quarter-century, we hope to see everyone involved in the new projects that our foundation will undertake with a vision to produce honest, fair, and lasting works beneficial to society, in line with the principles and revolutions of Atatürk, and to make them a part of this quarter-century success story.