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LOSANTE – LOSEV International Inaugural Cancer and Life Symposium

Dear Esteemed Scientists and Dear Friends,
We established the LOSEV, Foundation for Children with Leukemia, 24 years ago with only one table and one chair, at a time that is referred to as an incurable disease in Turkish films and many children died from leukemia. “There is nothing more important and valuable than the life of a child” and we put our hands under the responsibility. We created a huge work, with a small budget.

Two years after its establishment, we established Turkey's first and only Hospital for Children with Leukemia, School for Children with Leukemia in 2008 and Children with Leukemia Village in 2010 for our families coming from a city other than Ankara for their treatment. In 2015, we brought Turkey's most equipped Health City and multidisciplinary hospital LOSANTE to our country. Here, we tried to turn our dreams and ideals into reality. We have implemented the LOSEV Health City of the next century, not of today. We increased our success rate to 92%+2% in leukemia treatment. We made our voice heard not only in Turkey but also in the whole world. As an ECOSOC consultant, we received the award, which is described as the "Nobel for Children's Rights" by the World of Children Foundation, one of the worlds most respected organizations in the field of Children's Rights. With the LOSANTE - LOSEV 1st International Cancer and Life Symposium, which we plan to traditionalize during the International Week of Children with Leukemia, we will discuss Childhood Leukemia and adult cancers in company with our professional doctor staff who works in LOSANTE Hospital and the experts in the field of oncology in the world. I believe that with this meeting, great collaborations will be realized in the field of cancer research, and I thank you all for your valuable contributions.
Kind regards,

Pediatric Hematologist & Oncologist
Üstün EZER, MD
LÖSEV & LÖSANTE Founding Chairman of the Board

Date 03-04 June 2022 
Location Losante Hospital



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