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LÖSEV - Another Award from Abroad, to LÖSANTE HOSPITAL LÖSANTE Children and Adult Hospital, built with the brick donations of the Turkish people through the "Can You Put a Brick Too " Campaign by LÖSEV, has received another award from abroad. The hospital has been honored with the MEDTOP Clinic Award for providing effective treatment for a significant disease on a global scale. With a remarkable success rate of 94% in free leukemia treatment, the LÖSANTE Hospital offers successful healthcare services across all medical disciplines, from orthopedics to otorhinolaryngology, internal medicine to gynecology, utilizing advanced technology.

The MEDTOP Awards, a platform that discovers and rewards digital marketing tools to help health service providers and professionals gain global recognition, has found its winners.

At the award ceremony, which saw participation from over 20,000 online viewers, awards were presented in categories such as "Clinic, Human, Technology, Event, and Pharmaceutical." In 2023, the recipient of the prestigious MEDTOP Clinic Award for "Effective Treatment of a Significant Disease on a Global Scale" was LÖSANTE Children and Adult Hospital.

The purpose of the MEDTOP Awards is to showcase and recognize distinguished brands that lead the way and set trends in healthcare services with their innovative and non-standard approaches. By highlighting these outstanding organizations and professionals, the awards aim to inspire and motivate other actors in the industry to strive for excellence and provide inspiration in the field of healthcare.

LÖSANTE Children and Adult Hospital, established through brick donations, provides completely free treatment for all children who have to fight childhood cancers, particularly leukemia. The hospital's mission is to combat childhood cancer and ensure that all children in need are treated without any cost.

MEDTOP is not the first international award for LÖSEV!

Dr. Üstün EZER, Founder and President of LÖSEV, was honored with an award by the World of Children Foundation, one of the most important and respected organizations in protecting children's rights, in 2017 for his work in the field of Leukemia. Dr. EZER, who dedicated his life to children with leukemia, received his award, referred to as the 'Nobel Prize for Children's Rights,' in a grand ceremony held in New York. Thus, Dr. EZER became the first Turk to be bestowed with the title of the 'Children's Rights Nobel Prize' for providing hope of recovery to sick children and his efforts in this field.