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What Can I Do For LOSEV
You have not one reason but dozens of reasons to join the LÖSEV family!
We believe in you, we trust you. We will be the hope for many more of our children, patients and their families with you, who brought the strongest non-governmental organization of our country that is appreciated by the world, LÖSEV, to where it is today. Each of our children who have regained their health is as a result of your work and support.
Be Our Volunteer!
You can become a LÖSEV volunteer by visiting

You can help us to continue our activities in every corner of Turkey and to make the voices of our children with Leukemia and Cancer heard.
You Can Donate!

By visiting , you can donate in the way you prefer for our children with Leukemia and Cancer, and also our adult patients.
Share your ideas with us!

If you have a new project or want to get information. You can reach us at and send all your questions and suggestions.