Donate Lösev - Lösante
LÖSEV Gönüllü Kayıt
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Blood Type:
(If you wish to be blood donor)

  • I accept to work voluntarily in areas that need me at LÖSEV, on the following conditions:
  • I will perform my volunteer work within the specified working hours and will not make any claims or request fees from LÖSEV in return for this work,
  • I will comply with the LÖSEV principles and rules that are shared with me for the duration of my volunteer work,
  • Within LÖSEV, I will always stay away from discriminatory discourses and actions concerning language, religion, race, political opinion, ethnic origin etc.
  • I will not derive personal benefits by using the name LÖSEV, and will not accept gifts or donations under any condition,
  • In the duration of my volunteering at LÖSEV, I will not act in non-compliance with LÖSEV principles,
  • I will not sell LÖSEV publications, which are free of charge, to third parties,
  • I will be personally responsible for any possible damage I have suffered / caused during my volunteer work,
  • As I continue my volunteering activities, I will provide my assistance in accordance with the guidance of the LÖSEV staff in charge who accompany me in my volunteering work.

I agree to be dismissed from being a LÖSEV Volunteer upon my inappropriate behavior and actions.