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Dear Heartfelt Friends,

We believe in you and we trust you. With you, who brought LÖSEV to where it is today, we will be hope for many more of our children and their families. REMEMBER, each of our children who have regained their health is YOUR WORK. It is our duty to keep hundreds of newly diagnosed children with leukemia to keep alive.

In this direction,

You can support the promotion of LÖSEV.

You can distribute our brochures and hang our posters around you.

You can be our volunteer representative who will support our work in the province where you live.

By selling LSV Shop products, you can raise funds for our children's treatments.

You can become the LÖSEV Representative of your institution.

You can make your primary school or high school our sister school.

You can take part in our work related to your university.

You can support children with leukemia as a volunteer teacher at our school.

You can provide translation support.

You can prepare the aid boxes we send to our children.

You can take part in our sales and promotion stands.

You can package our documents like magazine-brochure etc.

You can donate first and second hand goods.

You can support our organizations.

You can provide vehicle and transportation support.