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  • All details of the applications related to your project should be sent to in writing (content information of your project, why, where, when, how to do it, ticket-announcement etc. thoughts on details, who is targeted).
  • Your project should be prepared for our children with leukemia.
  • Any person or organization that will be involved in the project and/or event should not seek personal or corporate profit and should be free from commercial concerns.
  • The use of the LÖSEV logo and name in the project and events to be organized is made with the written approval of the Board of Directors.
  • All of the income obtained should be delivered to our children with leukemia, there should be no partners, they should not be shared.
  • In the projects, how many people will be reached on average or how much income will be obtained, the targets should be clearly stated.
  • Project data should be sent to LÖSEV regularly.
  • Articles and images that will abuse our children should not be included in the project, and ethical and moral values ??should be protected.

Please review whether your project idea coincides with the topics described above. Of the hundreds of projects that reach our foundation, those that meet these criteria are accepted and implemented within the framework of certain protocols with the approval of the LÖSEV Board of Directors.

As LÖSEV, we welcome your new ideas and suggestions. For this reason, we thank everyone who wants to be with us for their carefully prepared projects that will offer life to our children, and congratulate them in advance for your sensitivity.