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Since 1998, LÖSEV has been providing financial and moral support to thousands of children with leukemia and their families throughout Turkey and connecting them to life. It carries out such an important and sacred duty as a non-governmental organization with the support of completely volunteers and the charitable Turkish people. This meaningful efforts are reflected to us as smiles on the faces of our children and fast progress in their treatment.

The treatment processes of our children with leukemia require completely sterile environments. Because of this, it is not suitable for their health to be together with them during the treatment process. But while their treatment continues, you can hug them spiritually and support our children and their families.

As a volunteer member of LÖSEV, our doors are open to anyone who would like to support children with leukemia and cancer. As a LÖSEV volunteer, there is definitely something everyone can do to connect our children to life, whether young or old, male or female, working or retired! It is very easy to become a voluntary member of LÖSEV. For becoming a voluntary member of LÖSEV, you can come to our foundation or fill out a "Volunteer Member Form" from our official website. Confirmation e-mails regarding the forms sent over the internet are sent to the volunteer within 24 hours.

The information in the form is taken as a voluntary member registration and stored in our system. Documents and announcements are sent from the contact information to the volunteer members via mail, sms and e-mail. Because of this, the contact information in the form must be up to date. Our new members are invited to our introductory meetings held every 15 days, so that they have detailed information about our Foundation and its work.

Our membership fee is 48 TL and can be paid at any time during the year. You can make the payment to our offices by hand or by credit card or by paying it into your LÖSEV account from any bank. The payment peceipt should be faxed to 0312 447 68 33 number stating that it is a subscription fee for volunteering.