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Dr. Üstün EZER

Who is Dr. Üstün Ezer?

LÖSEV's founder and chairman of the board, Dr. Üstün EZER is a Pediatric Hematologist specialist. Let's learn about his life and the founding story of LÖSEV from him.

Can we get to know you?
I was born in Kayseri, in 1958. All of my education life; primary, secondary, high school and university was in Ankara. I did my compulsory service in Kastamonu and military service in Kırklareli. I carried out a project in Diyarbakır for 3 years. My father's from Hatay, my mother's from Tekirdağ. To those who ask where are you from; I say I am from Turkey. Everyone is the same for me, regardless of country, religion, language, race or sect. Being human is enough. This is in line with LÖSEV's "People First" view..

What is your area of expertise?
I graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1981. First, I specialized in Child Health and Diseases and became a pediatrician. Later by doing a second specialization, I became a Pediatric Hematologist (pediatric blood diseases specialist) due to my love for children with Leukemia.

When and why did you establish LÖSEV?  

In 1998, we established LÖSEV with a handful of idealistic people. Together with 2 of my doctor friends, with the children we are treating in Ankara and 2 fathers of Children with Leukemia we brought this foundation to life. All of us had one goal; “reduce deaths from leukemia”! In those years, parents had to leave their children to die because they did not have enough money to provide opportunities for their child with leukemia.

You didn’t work at the private hospitals, which have more financial opportunities, and dedicate yourself to Children with Leukemia and Cancer. What are you feeling?
I have never been a slave to money. For me, a child's life is more precious and important than anything else.

Thanks to God, the savings and incomes which are coming from my parents and my profession as a doctor do not make me needy. I wouldn't trade hundreds of trillions of dollars for a receive from mother of a child with leukemia’s blessing.

Can you do everything you want to do?
We have come a long way since the day we were established. First we built a hospital, then a mansion and a school and lastly a real huge village. We started our journey with only 30 children but today we reach more than 65 thousand patients, including children with leukemia and childhood cancers and also adult cancer patients. We created a huge global brand from a small association. We are the leading organizations in the world on “Cancer”. We are the only consultant to the United Nations Organization on leukemia.

When I became a doctor, my biggest principle was “there should be no money relationship between the doctor and the patient”, “no children should die because they had no money” and “parents should not be despised because they don’t have enough money for the treatment”. At LÖSEV, all our facilities; hospital, school and village are completely free of charge.

Do you have a message for Families with Leukemia and Cancer?
Please don’t forget you are not alone in this difficult process. Your children are ours as well. They deserve the best of everything. We are determined to keep them alive and make their dreams come true. But our children with leukemia and cancer, their parents, relatives and neighbors should protect LÖSEV. I don't want all of you to see LÖSEV as just a charity organization, my request from you is get know LÖSEV better, promote it and do your best to keep more children alive. I want this on behalf of humanity and our offspring, whom we lost due to leukemia.

I love and care about you all.

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