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Cancer Will Not Be Our Fate!





Cancer can be defined as a group of diseases that consist of uncontrolled proliferation of cells in different organs, and whose clinical appearance, treatment and approach are different from each other.

In our country, 161 thousand new cancer cases are detected every year and 69 thousand people die from this disease.
According to the data announced by the Cancer Department, the most common cancer types in our country are listed as: breast, thyroid, bowel in women, and lung, prostate and bladder in men. According to the data of the Ministry of Health, cancer, which is the second leading cause of death in our country, is thought to be the first cause of death in 2015.

A tumor in any part of the body (palpable swelling or stiffness in any part of the body)

• Hoarseness or cough without a specific cause, persistent cough

• Chest pain

• Swallowing difficulties and digestive disorders

• Arm and shoulder pain

• Bone pain

• Weight loss, sudden weakening or loss of appetite

• Headache

• Jaundice

• Non-healing wounds

• Change in defecation habits (diarrhea or constipation)

• Blood or Abnormal Fluid coming from body orifices (abnormal bleeding or discharge from rectum or uterus),

• Abnormal changes and darkening in moles and warts.

• If any or more of these symptoms persist for more than two weeks and there is a cancer patient in the family, it is necessary to consult a doctor who specializes in cancer immediately.

How to Protect Yourself?

• With regular check-ups against cancer and Check-up to be carried out at least once a year, cancer can be detected in the early period, diagnosed and treatment can be started. Early diagnosis increases the patient's life expectancy as well as quality of life. Therefore, early detection of cancer is of vital importance as well as its treatment.

• If there is a family history and history of cancer, check-ups should be done more regularly and frequently. If there is a cancer/leukemia patient in the family, the risk for other family members to also have leukemia increases.

• Avoidance of cancer-causing factors (smoking, excessive oil consumption, harmful rays, chemicals, etc.)


• Work on schedule, pay attention to your sleep and go to bed early

• Pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet, do not delay your meal times.

• Do not consume carbonated drinks, ketchup, dyed sugar and yoghurts, sweetened milk, hamburgers and potatoes that are fried quickly and in extreme heat.

• Do not use mobile phones and tablets, computers, etc. before the age of 16. Do not spend a long time with electronic devices. Use these tools for training purposes only and for a short period of time.

• Fight against chemical wastes discharged from factories to seas and rivers.

• Organize events to remove phone base stations around you.

• Do sports regularly and do not tire yourself too much.

• Stay away from cigarettes, smokers, alcohol and drugs

• Let's prefer natural and organic products in the nutrition of our children.

• Do not buy products without quality and Standard Accreditation seal without checking their packaging and expiry dates. Let's consume fruits and vegetables in season.

• Let's use less salt, less oil, less sugar

• Let's consume 2 servings of vegetables and fruits a day.

• Cook food well.

• Avoid trans fats.

It can be considered as the adaptation of human rights to health services. Patient rights take their source from international human rights and conventions.
The first of these is the “Lisbon Declaration of Patient Rights (*)” adopted by the World Medical Association in 1981.
Patient rights in Turkey can be listed as follow:

• The right to benefit from health services in accordance with justice and equity.

• Right to request information

• The right to choose and change the health institution

• The right to know, choose and change personnel

• Prohibition of intervention except for medical requirements

• Euthanasia Prohibition

• Right to Medical Care

• Right to review records

• Right to request correction of records

• The right to request the determination of the order of priority

• The right to diagnosis, treatment and care in accordance with medical requirements

• The right to respect for privacy

• The right not to be subjected to medical treatment without consent

• The right to refuse and stop treatment

• The right to security

• The right to fulfill religious obligations and benefit from religious services

• Respect for human values and the right to visit

• The right to have a companion

• The right of application, the right to complain and litigation.



We provide financial in-kind and psychological support by obtaining records of patients with Leukemia and aged between 0-18. We also provide social, psychological and in-kind support by registering patients aged 0-18 with other types of childhood cancer and cancer patients over the age of 18 within the body of the Foundation.

With the events and seminars that we organize periodically, we both inform them and help them to keep their morale up and participate in social life with activities and entertainments.

By organizing house and hospital visits, we donate belongings to families whose needs were identified by our social service.

We convey our support for the blood, thrombocyte, which they need the most and have difficulty with during the intensive treatment and chemotherapy periods, and the drugs they cannot find.

We bring the patients together with our recovered cancer survivors and make them feel that they are not alone.

We organize visits to the provinces where we have patient records and contact local administrators regarding the problems of our patients and ask for support in solving the problems of our patients living in that province.

"Health is like a homeland, its value is understood when it is lost." We must take precautions before it's too late and before we lose everything. We invite especially cancer patients and their relatives and all sensitive individuals and organizations to gather under the roof of LÖSEV to support our action plan against cancer.

You can support our fight to prevent Leukemia and Cancer. For this, you can become our volunteer member, participate in our events and guide us in our projects.

You can give information to your relatives, relatives of patients, and an acquaintance and we support them.

You can be our volunteer blood donor, you can provide medicine for a child who is hospitalized. You can contribute to raising awareness of the society as a volunteer workplace, as a sister school.

You can support the help we give to cancer patients (in kind/cash) and help one more patient be connected to life. You can open a stand at your school or faculty and be the representative of LÖSEV in your school.



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